Custom Faith-Inspired Apparel

Welcome to ~ Created by Grace Designs TM!

It is my sincere pleasure to offer faith-based and custom designed apparel.  

Created by Grace Designs specializes in creating beautiful handmade designs. Our new faith-based T-shirt collection is aimed at spreading a Christian inspired message to point others to Jesus. Enjoy these beautiful T-shirts in the grace of it all and while you are at it spread a message that inspires others without saying a word.  

Feel free to browse and confidently purchase one or a few of my unique items for yourself or as a gift for someone special. The T-shirts offered in my online boutique are made with high-quality materials (not the usual promo style T-shirts) resulting in T-shirts that are flattering, comfortable and in line with what you’ll find in retail stores. These are not your usual boxy-cut T-shirts. So be sure to review the size grid chart for a great fit.

I create and design each style and as always I welcome custom orders, with the understanding that flexibility is of utmost importance.

Thank you for visiting Created by Grace Designs clothing boutique and shopping small. 

Be blessed!